Av George Washington km 5.5
Santo Domingo
Republica Dominicana


Italian photographer Tiziano De Stefano was born in 1967 in Bari a small city in southern Italy. At age seventeen he discovered the world of photography immediately becoming his passion.

In 1988 he move to Milan where he began his professional training working as an assistant with top fashion photographers like Giac Casale, Oliverio Toscani and Steven Klein.

His professional experiences and travels have enabled him to collaborate with some of the world’s most influential advertising agencies, fashion magazines.

In 1995 during a photoshoot in the Caribbean he discovered the Dominican Republic. He immediately fell in love with the country’s vast scenery, returning two years later co founding Spotlight Productions with his brother Nicola De Stefano. Today his professionalism, creative passion as well as his restless desire for perfection and innovation are the driving force behind our success.


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